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Webinar Production Services

As one client said, "Webinars so smooth it is like a hot knife through butter."

Don't Let Webinar Production Mistakes Hold You Back 

Discover how a "webinar lifer" can help you create big, engaging webinars and on demand marketing videos.

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Build A Powerful Webinar Engine

Digital marketing and virtual events are here to stay. Webinars can help drive leads cost-effectively (as low as 4% average CPL or 25 times the average of your marketing mix). 

An independent, experienced webinar producer like Bob Hanson can help ensure flawless events and videos, attract more attendees and leads, save time, and avoid common pitfalls with webinar production and marketing videos.  

Marketing and Demand Gen Success

Imagine your best prospects want to attend your webinars. Advance your career with the help of webinars that work, and don't get bogged down in webinar production and video editing.

Add an independent producer to the team part-time who actually "speaks marketing" and is accountable for the success of your next webinar campaign.

Virtual events and webinar series powered by Bob Hanson's Must-See Webinar process have generated 76,000 opt-in names for a B2B software firm, built a successful 12-part series for a healthcare company, and increased webinar results 12x within 60 days for a financial services company. 

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Take Your Webinar and Demand Gen Program to the Next Level Powered by Independent, Professional Webinar Production Services 

Avoid the top webinar production, video editing mistakes and free up your time for marketing and demand generation.

  • Webinar Marketing

    Attract your audience with topics and promotions that get attention and registrations. Generated hundreds of thousands of attendees, up to 22% response from webinar invites.

  • All Webinars, Virtual Events 

    Production of events like virtual conferences, webcasts, webinars, pre-recorded videos for webinars, virtual-live webinars, webinars with Live Q/A only, and on-demand videos.

  • Live Webinar Production

    Management of webinar rehearsals, webinar pre-calls, webinar introductions, moderation, recording, and editing for on- demand videos that put your best foot forward.

  • Reminders, Registration Pages

    Get more leads with registration pages that convert clicks to registrants. Start your registrant to revenue sequence with reminder emails that drive up to 50% attendance.

  • Webinar Video Editing

    Pre-record webinars in full or presentations with video and live Q&A.  Editing of live webinars for on-demand use within 24 hours of the event.

  • Webinar, Marketing Tech

    Familiar with popular technologies and integrations like GotoWebinar, Zoom, Hubspot, Vimeo, and

7 Webinar Production Secrets Earned From Over 2,000 Events in Dozens of Industries

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