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Turn More Connections to Clients Each and Every Month with a Forever Webinar 

A proven system to start driving more qualified prospects and buyers the easy way!


The Only Thing Better Than a Weekly Webinar Series

Unleash the power of a Forever Webinar to save time, increase ROI, and as much as double qualified lead flow!

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Why Traditional Marketing Funnels Fail - How to Fix the Leaks with a Forever Webinar System -- New Video

B2B Marketers are being forced to support twice as many channels as only five years ago.

Imagine a system where your best presentation by your best presenter gets in front of best practices automatically, when they are ready to buy!

My Forever Webinar System has been developed and perfected from 2,000 webinars over 20 years. I made all the mistakes so you don't have to.

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Free Checklist -- Twenty-One Proven Steps to Turn Connections to Clients with a Forever Webinar 

Marketing is the new prospecting. Both marketing and sales are doubling down on social and digital programs but failing to convert connects to clients. 

Get am easy, evergreen webinar system to start driving more qualified prospects and buyers the easy way!

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Simple and easy to use

A Single Forever Webinar, Your Best Marketing Engine 

Marketers can stop burning the candle at both ends!

  • Evergreen Webinar/Video 

    Get your best presentation in front of your best prospects when they are ready to buy.

  • Winning Promotion

    Attract your ideal prospects like a magnet through email, social, web, and sales channels.

  • Avoid Follow-up Failure

    Automated follow-up with copy that sells, move prospects to your try or buy step.

  • Engaging Content

    Proven presentations following the Perfect Webinar script format.

  • Value Stack

    Move prospects up the value ladder with an amazing offer. Forever Webinar, a $10,000 value, is free for Bob Hanson's new Fractional Marketing Service clients.

  • Expert Guidance

    Expert guidance by Bob Hanson, creator of the Must-See Webinars System.

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Take your webinars, online events, and marketing video program to the next level, the easy way. Find you if a Forever Webinar or Bob Hanson's Fractional Marketing Service could advance your career.