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21 Proven Steps to Turn Connections to Clients with a 'Forever Webinar'

Marketing is the new prospecting. Both marketing and sales are doubling down on social and digital programs but failing to convert connects to clients. 

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Marketers are being forced to support twice as many channels as only five years ago.

Developed and perfected over 2,000 webinars, quickly uncover if a Forever Webinar is right for you:

What is the biggest mistake to avoid in your social media marketing?

How can you cut through the social media clutter to drive more sales-ready leads?

What is a Forever Webinar and how can any B2B firms use one to increase sales and marketing ROI?


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“In building my Forever Webinar system, I spent decades of trial and error over 2,000 events.    Let me show you the power of a single, evergreen webinar to increase your prospect flow and sales, guaranteed.”

Bob Hanson, Digital Marketer and Creator of the Forever Webinar