Webinar Tools And Software

What webinar technology do you use? Which one should you use?

These are the most common questions I'm asked. Obviously one size does not fit all. The perfect solution for you may be the absolutely wrong choice for the person down the hall or down the street.

Nine Questions To Ask Yourself First About Webinar Tools And Software

Ask yourself these 9 key questions before selecting a new webcast or webinar tool:.

1. What is your webinar or webcast objective?

2. How many events will you hold per month and how many people will attend?

3. Will you generally use a phone bridge or will you be pushing sound out to attendees through their computer speakers?

4. What is your total budget for your webinars?

5. Who is your audience and what technology requirements do they have, (if any)? How familiar with webinars is your audience?

6. How familiar are your event support people and presenters with webinars?

7. How important are recordings? Will you need to provide CE credits or capture polling data from the recordings?

8. Will you be serving video, sharing applications or desktops, or require deep interactions with your audience?

9. Do you want to do a webcast or web video, with little interaction from your audience?

Note: I have listed those technologies which I have recently worked with and feel confident in recommending. Not all solutions are right for each individual application. Nor is this meant to be an exhaustive list.

Technologies I've Worked With Recently

In no particular order…

ReadyTalk – Web Collaboration, Webinars, and Podcasts

Vcall by Precision IR – Webinar events, rich media, training

Microsoft Live Meeting – Available directly or through Premiere Global Services – For web collaboration or the largest events

Citrix Go-To-Meeting and Go-to-Webinar – Both for small events and larger webinars, monthly pricing model.

Netviewer – One of the leaders in Europe and the UK, multi-language support

Infusion CRM – In my opinion it is generally much better to use your own web registration forms, auto-responders, and reminder and follow-up sequences. Infusion is the standard for those with marketing-led organizations and small businesses.

Click here for a webinar recording to get an overview of Infusion.

Take a look at the Must-See Webinars blog as I periodically update news from each of these and other vendors.

Take the guesswork out of selecting your next webinar technology by ordering a 30 minute technology readiness consultation along with your guide to more leads and sales with webinars and Pay-Per-Click advertising. This is free with your subscription to the Must-See Webinars site. Click here to get more information about Webinar tools and software.

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