9 Tips For Webinar Presentations
And For Webinar Presenters

I admit it. There are other people who are just as good at covering the basics of how to present well online.

Here I won’t waste your time with speaker basics you can get elsewhere such as "knowing your audience," holding rehearsals and preparing your speakers, offering speaker training, or shutting off phones and external noises so as to not distract your speakers or audience.

Instead, let's go beyond the basics for nine tips for powerful webinar presentations.

In doing so many events I've had power outages 15 minute before the webinar was to start, speakers hanging up on themselves with the excitement of making a point, deafening helicopters and sirens and annoying fax machines in the background, and speaker's spouses logging in as the presenter and flipping through the slides. They had no idea that 750 people in the audience were seeing the slides.

I expect the unexpected in my webinar presentations. There are, though, a lot of things you can control with your speakers for webinar success.

Here are some less common and valuable presentation tips that may make the difference between creating webinars that are good and ones that are great.

Nine Webinar Speaker Tips - Beyond the Basics

Tip #1. It Is Tough to Turn C- Students into A Students.

The easiest way to a great webinar for a less-than-polished speaker is to take over an A script delivered by one of your best speakers. Slam dunk! But recognize that if you or your speaker is not "a natural," then it may be more productive to schedule the event around the great speaker with their A script.

Tip #2. Script and "Kill" the Introduction

Start fast out of the gate to set the tone for the rest of the webinar. Demonstrate to your attendees early on that this is going to be a well run, interesting webinar – one that delivers on the promises of the webinar invitation.

Tip #3. Content – The Less You Educate, the Less You Sell

Can't tell you how many people try to educate the market for free to drive sales. My response is usually: “I never feel I have enough of a budget to be in the business of free education with the hopes of sales.”

If your goal is sales, don’t be afraid to sell in some or all of your webinars. But, of course, you want to set expectations and meet them for your webinar attendees.

Tip #4. Don’t Keep Them Guessing Until the End by Making Your Promise For Something Good at the End of your Webinar

You could offer a Q and A, a special offer, or a giveaway to one lucky attendee. Be sure everyone knows up front what they'll get at the end.

Tip #5. Pacing, Pacing, Pacing

The most common problem is to go long with less important information and then have to rush through the important stuff later.

Take all the time you need with the information that it's essential for you to get to your attendees. The other less vital information can fill in the gaps.

Tip #6. Smooth Transitions Between Webinar Speakers

Know it, rehearse it, do it - to keep attendees on the line. You don't want to lose attendees you've worked so hard to attract to your webinar because of a flubbed transition.

Tip #7. Visuals To Support the Audio

We all are guillty of too much MS PowerPoint that we then feel we need to cover in detail. Usually, your presentation will be much more effective if you create your audio script first. Then, produce the visuals that support the audio script.

Tip #8. Remember to Project to the Audience Through the Phone

Everybody is different, but I mentally picture my audience as one person sitting in an office. I carry on a one-way conversation with him or her.

Tip #9. Offer a Call to Action along with the Next Steps

Know excactly what next steps you want your audience to take.

Don’t be bashful about telling them what they are and encouraging them to act. This "success rule" of Direct Response Marketing applies here.

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